ARC 59″ x 59″ Shower Foundation NOW AVAILABLE



You asked, and ARC delivered. 

Every year we talk to thousands of builders, tilers, plumbers, and contractors from all over the US and Canada. We learn a lot about the remodeling and building challenges you face, and it’s common for new product ideas to start with these conversations.

One request we heard over and over was for bigger pre-pitched, tileable, structural shower foundations. Our 59″ x 47″ foundation is hugely popular, but many showers are designed with even bigger footprints, especially in new homes. Bigger bases, we were often told, would mean fewer floated pitch extensions, faster installs, and less fuss all around.

So we went hunting for a bigger structural shower bases. What we got is an amazing piece of engineering. It’s a 59″ x 59″ structural base with outstanding strength, it can be cut on-site to suit custom needs, and the pitch gradients still fit into a 7/8″-thick profile. It has passed all the usual certification tests and meets UPC, IPC, IRC, and NPC codes plus the new IAPMO 106-2015e1 standard for tileable shower receptors and shower kits.

ARC is constantly looking to improve our product line to help contractors build tile showers faster with great looking, consistent results.



Pick up the phone and call us TODAY . . . 1-800-242-6627

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