Introducing Durasein Solid Surfaces

As one of the largest companies producing pure acrylic solid surface products, DURASEIN® continuously strives for developing the most innovative and environmentally-friendly products for customers.  The international design influence is unmistakable in the aesthetics of the DURASEIN solid surface collection of colors and patterns.  Whether in combination with other materials, or as a stand-alone product, DURASEIN’s palette has proven to be invaluable to architects, designers and consumers throughout the world.

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New Nevamar Colors and Patterns Are Here

We are each on a journey seeking personal, professional, & spiritual inspiration from the environment around us. The chaotic experience of living in a hyperconnected world often makes us lose sight of the things that make this journey worthwhile. We obsess with the future, the past, and the unknown, rather than embracing the elements of beauty that occur at every step along life’s meandering path. The Modern Odyssey CollectionTM from […]

2cm Quartz Vanities Are Here

2cm Quartz Vanities from LDS&S

Custom Looks at Affordable Prices

Soliditas provides you with a custom look at an affordable price. Soliditas colors are available with eased edge, custom lengths and sink bowl locations where you need it. Soliditas surfaces create an expensive look and everyday durability, while keeping the project on budget.

Bold: Make a strong statement with a sophisticated quartz vanity.

Scratch Resistant: Quartz is as tough as it is beautiful.

Consistent Color Palettes: Quartz provides a remarkably uniform surface appearance.

Everyday Counters for Vanities

  • 22-1/2” Deep, quartz backsplash 4” loose
  • Includes 293 bowl in Snow or Bisque
  • Loose side splashes (all colors)
  • Available in 37″ or less, 43″, 49″, 61″ and 73″ widths


ARC 59″ x 59″ Shower Foundation NOW AVAILABLE



You asked, and ARC delivered. 

Every year we talk to thousands of builders, tilers, plumbers, and contractors from all over the US and Canada. We learn a lot about the remodeling and building challenges you face, and it’s common for new product ideas to start with these conversations.

One request we heard over and over was for bigger pre-pitched, tileable, structural shower foundations. Our 59″ x 47″ foundation is hugely popular, but many showers are designed with even bigger footprints, especially in new homes. Bigger bases, we were often told, would mean fewer floated pitch extensions, faster installs, and less fuss all around.

So we went hunting for a bigger structural shower bases. What we got is an amazing piece of engineering. It’s a 59″ x 59″ structural base with outstanding strength, it can be cut on-site to suit custom needs, and the pitch gradients still fit into a 7/8″-thick profile. It has passed all the usual certification tests and meets UPC, IPC, IRC, and NPC codes plus the new IAPMO 106-2015e1 standard for tileable shower receptors and shower kits.

ARC is constantly looking to improve our product line to help contractors build tile showers faster with great looking, consistent results.



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Introducing ARC’s New TUB REPLACEMENT Shower Base


Tub Replacement Shower Base Announcement

ARC, Inc.’s new, modern structural shower base saves installers valuable time and labor when remodeling a bathtub into a level entry shower. The TUB REPLACEMENT base perfectly aligns the pitched area with the end drain location for convenient installations and flawless water management.
“This new base from ARC with the drain hole at the end made it easy to tear out a bathtub and replace it with a curbless shower. It saved us a ton of time, because the shower base install went fast and we could keep the drain line in the same location.”

Nathan Kysar
Owner, Nate’s Plumbing
Vancouver, Washington



Drain hole reinforcement ring on underside of base.

• cost effective, time-saving structural shower foundation
• made of very strong glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
• install directly on any wood or engineered I-joist system
• only 7/8″ thick to blend with floor subassemblies in preparation for decorative tile surface coverings
• 36″ width allows option to replace subfloor adjacent to tub area and build a roomier shower
• trim base to desired size using a circular saw and carbide blade
• installation includes a seamless, reinforced waterproof membrane that’s easy to apply
• locates the drain out of the way – a great solution for bathers who find standing on a drain uncomfortable
• cover with mosaic tile or commercial-grade weldable vinyl after waterproofing shield has dried completely
• precisely and consistently pre-pitched
• the perfect alignment of pitch planes with the drain makes for hassle-free installations and ensures swift drainage
• you can easily remove tile, repair waterproofing, and retile without damaging the TrueDEK foundation
• made of 50% recycled material and is 100% recyclable
• IAPMO and ICC certified – complies with IPC, IRC, UPC, NPC, and IAPMO PS106-2015e1 Tileable Shower Receptors and Shower Kits
• lifetime warranty protection on every base

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